College of Architecture Summer School 2024

The College of Architecture will conduct a Summer School program on June 10, 11, 13, and, 14, 2024 Beato Angelico Building, .

During the summer school, students will be tasked to survey, rediscover the forgotten and mundane spaces around the UST campus, and then figure out what makes these spaces unique. They will be designing a mobile or a static architectural device/intervention to allow the passing public to engage with this element of curiosity. The said device/intervention will be conceptualized, discussed, refined, and recreated for the design to evolve and develop over time.  

The final result will be deployed, photographed, and filmed within its context. The students will acquire a range of techniques for communicating their ideas through sketching, photography, film, drawings, and combining all of these together to speak their ideas and intentions. 

The Summer School will be conducted in the format of a charrette through short /intense and collaborative teaching workshops/critiques. It also aims to turn the energy/enthusiasm/skill and inventiveness of the students toward the ideas of identity in architecture by way of evolving with the theme, which is “Identity crisis, processes of appraisal and proposition.”

Meanwhile, seasoned architect Graham F. Thompson will be the guest facilitator of the program.

The program will be divided into a series of different actions:

Action No. 1 : Fieldwork, seek out aspects of the area within the campus that could be worked with to change a way that it is perceived as it operates. 

Action No. 2 : Design an architectural device/ mobile intervention that allows this change to be enacted and experienced by the public. 

Action No. 3 : Refine the device by way of testing it, learning, refining and retesting etc. 

Action No. 4 : Deploy the device. Manifesto. 

Action No. 5 : Draw the device in place within the context of the campus.

Action No. 6 : Create a ‘쾱’ drawing!

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